Posted by: brian | November 27, 2007


When it comes to vernacular speech, I try to be pretty forgiving, but I still have some pet peeves – those things that really grind my gears for no good reason.

“Orientate” is one of those. Now have it come out of a loud-mouthed know-it-all grad student who likes to make sure the entire room knows how smart he is about transit development, and the grinding goes into high gear. “It’s all automobile-orientated development.” Blah blah blah shut up. Now cue the non-trad-grad who has loud conversations on her cell phone two seats away. I’m waiting for Mr. “That’s an invasion of my privacy! I’m a single-issue voter!” to add his buck and a half. At least I’ve commandeered both of these outlets so that annoying kid who can’t sort his digital photo collection during the lecture. Try as I might, it’s really hard to focus on the professor when theres a constant flickering motion at the corner of my vision.


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