Posted by: brian | December 14, 2007

Snickers marketing staff fails linguistics

If you’ve had a Snickers(R) bar lately, you’ve noticed stupid words on the bottom of the wrapper. Words like peanutopolis, snicktastic, and satisfactionable. I may have made up two of those, but I found one with peanutopolis the other day. The inside of the wrapper includes a definition of the term, and this one revealed that peanutopolis means “a state of mind making you fell very strong and powerful, almost mayor-like.” As a side-bar, this presumes that mayors are always strong and powerful. This assumption is false, but let’s address the more glaring issue. “Peanutopolis” incorporates the suffix -opolis, meaning “city.” So, “City of Peanuts” seems like a more appropriate definition. I can only assume that the word “snicktastic” might mean “tights worn by strippers in Hanoi.”



  1. This is not the first marketing scheme I have seen trying to “inform” the public of new and improved words.

  2. Can you say “Cornthenticity”? Shatner and Florence Henderson tried to utter this stuff 20+ years ago as if it wer intelligible.

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