Posted by: brian | December 17, 2007

Poll results

Yes, I know it’s been a while, but I have an excuse. I think… anyhoo – to the business at hand:

Q: Which of these is NOT a tongue twister in Irish?

(a) There is a chicken standing in the snow on a frosty day. (2/8, 25%)
(b) A black ox ate a raw egg in heaven. (2/8, 25%)
(c) The skunk rolled down the hill and ruptured its larynx. (4/8, 50%)
(d) Mary laughed shamelessly at the wake in Derry last year. (0/8, 0%)

The correct answer is (c), which, I’m told, is a tongue twister in a different language (though at present I don’t remember which one).



  1. I can’t remember which language it’s from, either. Wes will know. And I’m fascinated that half of the respondents guessed this was the non-Irish one!

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