Posted by: brian | March 15, 2008


So I haven’t posted for a long time. A looooong time. Ages. As my readers know, Ben & I have moved. We are now living in Minnetonka, renting an apartment while we wait for our house in Rochester to sell. One of the most frustrating things about the apartment is that the bathroom has too many doors. Sounds weird, but trust me – there are too many.

Also annoying: The fridge has about two dozen little egg holders in the door. I’ve seen fridge’s with them before, and never realized how useless they are until I’d gotten used to having functional space in the door.

In the history of refrigeration, nobody has EVER used those things. Who came up with that idea? Eggs are sold in containers. Why would I take them out of that container and put them in these stupid little cups? WTF?



  1. When I was growing up my family had one of those fridges for a while, and rarely used the egg holders. The one time I remember them being used, I accidentally broke an egg trying to pick it up outta its holder. Eww.

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  2. Good point about the egg holders. And why on the door, where they could fly out easier? What’s even odder is that my parents take all their eggs out of the container and put them in this clear shoebox thing. It makes no sense. I just called my mom and asked, and she said “it’s for the light to get to them”. What?!? Something to look into…
    Hooray for blog being back!

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