Posted by: brian | April 24, 2008


I’ll be brief:
“UFO Hunters” on the History Channel (which has pretty much hit the same quality of programming the TLC achieved long ago)….
Two people, allegedly contacted by aliens.
One of them has a rare blood abnormality.
How can we prove that there’s a connection between them, and therefore they really are being contacted by aliens?
… wait for it:
Blood tests for both. If both people have the same blood abnormality, BAM! Aliens are real, and they’re visiting Earth to conduct anal probes.

Oh, and even better: Close the show with a reference to Voyager I.

And then, a program that opens with the following (I paraphrase):
The following program provides theories about an historical event that is shrouded in mystery. We use reenactments, dramatizations, and old tyme footage (can you tell which is which?) to provide information, and then you, the American public, with your 5th-grade education and your pear-sharp wit, can draw your own conclusions.

I’d like to add that Stanton Friedman is one of the freakiest looking guys I’ve ever seen, and may serve as evidence of an alien-human hybrid operation.




  1. Yeah, but did you see the show with the footage from airline and military pilots?!
    (actually it was a little freaky)


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