Posted by: brian | July 25, 2008

Project tablecloth

A new season of Project Runway started last week, and as much as I loathe “reality” TV, this is one program that has a good premise behind it. The difference between this and 99.9% of “reality” programming is that the contestants actually have to demonstrate some level of skill. The downside is the way the producers milk the “drama” aspect of the show. Seriously, they could cut it down to a 30-minute program if they got rid of the crap.

Anywho, I am just catching the first episode tonight, and Tim Gunn (the most awesome non-fiction person on TV) took the contestants to a grocery store to collect materials for their first competition. A ridiculous number of them picked up tablecloths, because apparently they completely missed the point of the competition, which is to be creative and innovative. It reminded me of the season 3 (I think) episode where the guy who used a bedsheet won – he DID make a very nice dress, but hello! It’s a bedsheet – a big slab of fabric – and the guy who made the kickass dress out of coffee filters did not.


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