Posted by: brian | October 24, 2008

11 days and counting

Like much of the country, I’m enthralled by the upcoming election. I pointed out earlier the poll tracking at (see sidebar), and have been fascinated to see McCain losing support in North Dakota, Montana, and now South Dakota. I’m not saying the election is as good as over, but it’s not looking good for McCain.

I’m also laughing my ass off at that twit Michele Bachmann. What a dumbass! “I think those Democrats hate America, and the media needs to expose them because they don’t agree with me and therefore are anti-America!” “I didn’t say that! He tricked me! He held a gun to my head and made me say that!” I was ambivalent before about whether she won or lost, because I think it’s good to have some balance in Congress. Sure, she’s a religious whackjob, but she’s one of a relatively small group on the far-right fringe. But now I think she deserves to lose, because she is either a buffoon who “walked into a trap” set by Chris Matthews, or she’s the reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy. If it’s the former, I think District 6 deserves a smarter Represenative; if it’s the latter, I don’t think she’s fit to serve the public in any capacity.



  1. Sis and I saw SO many Obama yard signs in the WI northerly hinterlands last weekend, and some anti-Obama ads on the teevee too. At that point we just kinda looked at each other as if to say, “did you just see what I saw? Could this be?”

    And yes, MB is at best stupid and at worst hateful, and I refuse to believe that there aren’t better Republicans out there to serve our country, even if we do disagree with their political views.

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