Posted by: brian | October 30, 2008

A list of fallacious arguments

I was reviewing this List of Fallacious Arguments and realized that political campaign season is as good a time as any to bone up on these. It would be nice if this sort of material were taught in schools – the public would be well served if more people were aware of these and able to spot a faulty argument.

(Note: I don’t claim that I myself am immune from all of these. The fact that they continue to be used illustrates that they work, and even moderately educated people like me are not well-versed in the tools of rhetoric. While I can often spot a faulty argument, I can rarely identify it by name, and sometimes only recognize its flaw after previously taking it for granted.)



  1. […] Limbaugh misinterpret and distort facts? Yes – we all do, to some extent (yes, even me). Does he have the right to say what he wants? Of course! Is he wrong about everything? Certainly […]

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