Posted by: brian | November 5, 2008

Obama wins, and the real McCain makes an appearance

Just saw McCain’s concession speech, and it reminded of what the guy used to be like. I really hope the old McCain comes back & keeps up the good work he’s done in the past. I don’t agree with a lot of his politics, but he’s been one of the few politicians who (before he sold his soul to get the Republican nomination) had my respect regardless. Hearing his concession speech made me feel kind of sorry for him. I’m no political analyst, but I really believe that the Sarah Palin fiasco was the thing that sunk him. The economic troubles didn’t help, but like I said before, if he’d gone with Lieberman, I would have given him a closer look, and I think a lot of moderates/independents would have done so as well.

The thing that ticked me off was the boos from McCain’s supporters when he mentioned Obama and Biden. I don’t recall, but has that happened before? Did Kerry’s supporters boo Bush in ’04? Did Gore’s in ’00? Did Dole’s people boo Clinton in 96? That, to me, reflects very poorly on McCain’s supporters as Americans. Would I have been disappointed if McCain won? A bit. Would I have accepted it is the outcome of a system that has (more or less) worked for over 200 years? Yes. And those jackasses need to grow up and accept that their candidate didn’t measure up, and get on with life, and figure out how they’re going to try to take back Congress in 2010. That’s the way things work. This is the system we have. Sometimes your side wins, sometimes they lose.



  1. Very nice thing to say. I think when McCain learns all that has happened with his campaign, he will be shocked and upset. That isn’t to say he won’t always feel he would have been the better choice, but it is to say that I do not think he will appreciate the negative swing Palin put on the ticket…

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