Posted by: brian | November 11, 2008

A response

Last Tuesday I got an email shortly after Barack Obama picked up the 270 electoral votes necessary to become our next President. I couldn’t decide whether it merited a response or not, and I still don’t think there’s any point to making a direct response, but I feel like I need to rant a little, so here’s what I would say if I were to reply.

At first I thought you’d sent this back when the government decided to bail out several large corporations that proved unable to manage (I almost said “regulate” – oops!) themselves, and that it had gotten stuck in the Internets.

Then I thought, “Wait a minute – this is probably based on the presidential election.” And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that yes, this sentiment was flying around after Clinton was elected in ’92. If you’ll pardon the snark, could you remind me again how that turned out?

No, seriously. I don’t remember the populace being forced into re-education centers to surrender their guns and eat fresh live babies (the few that slipped past the mandatory abortion law) while the government took all my money and gave it to crack-addicted single mothers who rolled around with naked homeless guys in piles of $100 bills, and newly-married interracial gay couples burned American flags and other religious symbols.

Then again, Clinton was white.

This video will probably clear things up:

Special thanks to Family Guy for the bit about the interracial gay couple.


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