Posted by: brian | November 13, 2008

More gay marriage news

The Solution?

No state or government entity should issue “marriage” licenses at all.  Instead, marriages for none, civil unions for all.  It creates a system of equal protection under the law.

This is really the only reasonable approach to the issue. Let religions keep their precious “marriages” and give everyone the same legal treatment.



  1. How about no state marriage or “civil unions” in the sense of basically a civil marriage. Instead a form of civil union that can be made by any number of any gender for any purpose (i.e. not specifically based around the assumption of a sexual relationship).

    Gee. That can probably be done in normal contract law anyway? Just cut the state out of the whole area of sex and relationships all together (except where non-consent applies).

  2. Hey, if you religious folks are okay with losing the legal benefits of marriage (shared insurance coverage, inheritance law, etc.) then that’s fine with me. The point is that all relationships should be treated equally under the law. Marriage for all, or marriage for none. I’m okay with either option, because I don’t stand to lose anything. How about you?

  3. I am fine with losing those benefits in the current conditions (that of a pluralistic society in which no specific cultural system can be supported by the government) although I recognise them as having a purpose (a specifically pro-natalist purpose) that is technically undermined by …well a lot of modern relationships, homo and hetero – easiest compromise is just get the state out of it and let communities govern themselves according to their specific social codes.

    What could I have to lose? I have the social skills of a dead crab so if I ever marry it will come as a pleasant surprise in itself, no need for tax breaks. Just give tax breaks to families with children instead.

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