Posted by: brian | December 3, 2008

Offensive post #20

I know this might irk some people, so you’ve been warned in advance.

The other night on the local news, they talked about a guy who was injured in Iraq (or one of those brown-people places) while serving in the military. He has (if I remember correctly) back, leg, and brain injuries. This year he is spending nearly every waking moment ringing a bell to drum up donations for the Salvation Army. And that’s all well and good.

About 5 or 10 minutes later, there was an ad on for a “company” that offers great chances for professional and personal advancement. The narrator talked about how people who had worked for this company had gone on to become political leaders, CEOs, astronauts, and other types of professions that are important, apparently. The ad, of course, was for the U.S. Army, and it ended on a note of “Join us and you’ll be phenomenally successful.” I couldn’t help but add, “Or you’ll end up crippled, ringing a bell for the Salvation Army.”

My point isn’t to disrespect the people who’ve served in the military, any more than I would disrespect anyone else based on their place of employment. But it seems a little absurd to say that a military career necessarily leads to success in life. But then, I guess they’re like any other company that’s trying to recruit people – you have to sell the positives and ignore the negatives.


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