Posted by: brian | December 5, 2008

Recount madness

Are you as sick as I am of hearing about the MN Senate recount? I know I am.

MPR has been covering that story pretty extensively, and has a lot of online content about the recount, including a lot of info about the challenged ballots. A few highlights:

  • You judge the ballots. Take a look at a few challenged ballots and have your say in whether the challenge was valid or not. There are two or three that are genuinely confusing, but most of them are pretty obvious to me. I consider myself impartial since I didn’t like either of the candidates, and like them even less based on their conduct throughout the recount.
  • Browse challenged ballots. View PDF images of over 2,000 of the 6,000+ challenges. Again, it’s pretty obvious that the vast majority of the challenges are idiotic. The polite term is “frivolous,” but I don’t think either campaign deserves to be treated politely. They are motivated entirely by politics rather than a genuine interest in ensuring a fair accounting of the votes.
  • Both sides claim the other is guilty of mounting frivolous challenges. They’re both right, and they’re both idiots.
  • Some folks at MPR spent some time analyzing 1,000 challenged ballots, and concluded that only 206 of them failed to yield to law and common sense.

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