Posted by: brian | December 8, 2008

Whom would Jesus vote for?

I was looking through some of the thousands of challenged ballots in the MN Senate Recount War. Each challenged ballot has a little note attached that briefly describes the reason for the challenge. In almost every case that I saw, the reason was stupid. Many times, when only one candidate was marked, and very clearly so, one side challenged the vote on the grounds that it was an overvote (more than one candidate marked) or that voter intent was unclear. I can only assume that the representatives for the two campaigns suffered serious head trauma at some point.

At other times, the presence of a write-in candidate on some other race is claimed as an “identifying mark.” In one “identifying mark” case, a ballot (PDF) out of Blue Earth county was challenged on the grounds that write-ins for “Jesus Christ” in two town supervisor positions for the Town of Mankato are identifying marks. If these really are identifying marks, then I think there are bigger questions to be answered. First, when did Jesus return to Earth, and why wasn’t there more fanfare? Second, why is he hanging out in a small Minnesota town? And third, why does he have no higher ambition than to sit on the town council of said small town?

In fact, upon reflection, I think a secondary challenge is in order for most of the “identifying mark” challenges: I challenge the persons who challenged the ballots to use the “identifying marks” to actually identify the voters.


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