Posted by: brian | December 21, 2008

Bluetooth? More like "Douchetooth"

During my weekend shopping excursions, I saw two guys walking about (one in Byerly’s, one in Target) wearing Bluetooth earpieces. They weren’t using them – they were picking out ham at the deli, or shopping for toothpaste. They were just walking around the stores, and apparently couldn’t risk missing an important weekend phone call about TPS reports or fantasy football.

The thing I’ve noticed about this phenomenon is that it almost always involves white guys in their 30’s & 40’s (at least in Minnesota). They’re typically middle or upper class, and I assume they all work doing very important things with/to information.

I realize that 20 years from now, the omnipresent EarPods will be the norm, while we prepare to be converted into Cybermen. But dude, right now you just look like a douchebag.



  1. We refer to them as “BlueTools”

  2. Even better!

  3. Haha! My friend Gordon thinks that when the robot wars come, people with Bluetooth headsets will be in a better position because the robots will think they are already assimilated. 😉

    The Truth on Bluetooth Headsets
    Plantronics Headsets

  4. @Erin: That’s a good point! That strategy worked for Pete and Rose Tyler when they infiltrated the Cyberman factory.

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