Posted by: brian | December 30, 2008

File under "Duhmb"

This lady over at the Times Online suggests that creative people who disagree with her politics are either “silly” or insane. The fun part is that her credentials include the term “fiction writer.” So which she?

A snowplow driver decided it was his moral obligation to clear snow on the Red Lake River near Crookston so that people with ice fishermen (including himself, of course) would have an easier time getting their ice houses out on the river. Naturally, the 9-ton John Deere was much too heavy for the ice, & sank. Somehow the driver escaped physical harm, but I imagine his income will be adversely affected.

Caroline Kennedy says “you know” too much. That single fact, apparently, is all the media needs to pronounce her unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate. I don’t get this. It’s, you know, a standard verbal tic, you know, and just indicates, you know, that she was ill-prepared for, you know, her interview. What is more, you know, disconcerting, you know, is that she doesn’t have, you know, a robust poli-, you know, -tical resume. Also, you know, if you ignore, you know, the, you know, “you knows,” she sounds, you know, a lot like, you know, that Alaskan chick, whatsername, you know, Sarah something:

Asked to justify her candidacy – after days spent with handlers advising her on how to fill Hillary Clinton’s vacant New York Senate seat – she began in a dull monotone: “Um, this is a fairly unique moment both in our, you know, in our country’s history, and, and in, in, you know, my own life, and um, you know, we are facing, you know, unbelievable challenges, our economy, you know, healthcare, people are losing their jobs here in New York obviously um, arh, you know. . . ”

Ms Kennedy’s justification for getting the seat was not a tour de force. “You know, we want to have all kinds of different voices, you know, representing us, and I think what I bring to it is, you know, my experience as a mother, as a women, as a lawyer, you know, I’ve been an education activist for the last six years here, and, you know. . . ”

Because gods know we need more lawyers and Kennedys in the Senate. Also, isn’t it already full of a bunch of complete mothers? (h/t to Steven Moffat for that line)


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