Posted by: brian | January 3, 2009

Remember floppy disks?

You know, those old 3.5″, 1.44 MB plastic squares from the terrible-twos stage of the digital age? I just went through about 4 dozen of ’em, finding old copies of resumes from 1999 and 2000, some creative type stuff that I wrote, and a handful of Web projects that never got off the ground. Some of the stuff I found reminded me of other things, which I didn’t find, and I’m wondering if there are more disks hiding somewhere. Oh, also, there are the ZIP disks, which hold 100 MB of data! Can you imagine? I remember that the first computer I owned had a 160 MB hard drive, which was 4 times bigger than the one in my aunt’s computer, and I thought, “There’s no way I’ll ever fill that thing up. How would that even be possible?” Fifteen years later, I can buy a terabyte of storage for less than that machine cost.



  1. Ah, that takes me back. The first IBM PC my parents bought had a 20 MB hard drive, and I also remember thinking “This thing will never get full!” Now one of those fancy-schmancy terabyte drives barely holds the pr0n collection!

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