Posted by: brian | January 5, 2009

Round two is over; get ready for court!

Al Franken has declared victory in the most annoying and interminable Senate race in recent memory. Norm Coleman, in accordance with the democratic process, will be suing … umm … the state? the voters? the concept of democracy? statistics? I dunno. He’s gonna sue somebody so that they’ll let him win instead.

Seriously, can we just have them both fight a deathmatch with box cutters and popsicle sticks? Whoever ends up winning this thing, I hope the voters don’t forget about all this crap 6 years from now. Honestly, if the Democrats had come up with a decent candidate, I’m pretty sure Coleman would be packing his bags. Hmm… I tend to lean toward the liberal side of politics, although I don’t call myself a Democrat. But maybe I should start getting ready for a run at the U.S. Senate in 2014? (HA!)



  1. Don’t forget to play the classic Star Trek fight music as the two dual to the death!
    It looks like Franken wasn’t seated today because the recount won’t be certified until next Monday.
    Apparently Burris wasn’t seated either. Something about governor Blagojevich’s ‘tainted’ appointment. It’s a good thing people in D.C. have such high standards and morals! Can you imagine what would happen if our country was run by corrupt politicians?

  2. Wonkette has a hilarious item about a politician’s taint.

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