Posted by: brian | January 19, 2009

Circus City

You’ve probably heard that Circuit City is going out of business. On Saturday, Ben & I were out & about, and I mentioned hearing that, and wondered if there was anything we needed that we might get for cheap. After I mentioned this, we noticed people standing at corners holding signs indicating the deals that could be had. “30% off.” “Up to 50% off.” “Liquidation!” It’s not like we really would die without electronics, but there are things that are “needed” within the context of modern culture, and hey, a bargain is a bargain. Sort of.

We drove past the store, and the parking lot alone was enough to keep us out of the place. There is nothing we need so badly that we’d put up with the chaos that was surely occurring inside the store. I’m not disappointed that we didn’t get in on the consumerist frenzy. Ben was looking for some additional digital storage, and got a new external hard drive for Christmas from his folks (we did our gift exchange that night, so when we talked about going to the store, he hadn’t received it yet). And more storage would probably be a good thing, particularly as one of his internal hard drives is in the process of failing. But really, we’ll be fine. We still have food to eat, and warm clothes, and a roof over our head (plus one other roof that we’re paying for, but which is about 100 miles away). So I’m okay skipping out on the pointless acquisition of unnecessary things right now.


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