Posted by: brian | January 20, 2009

Democrats=Big Brother, apparently

Every Democratic president in my memory – both Clinton and Obama – has been compared to the oppressive and omnipresent Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984. Were these people unconscious for the last eight years? Or maybe they’ve never actually read the book, and don’t know what they’re talking about?

Ted Mueller: “I don’t want the federal government to give away our individual rights. I don’t want them to take over our business. I don’t want them to take over our religion.”

Because the Republicans have done such a super job protecting civil rights and safeguarding the free market.

Janet Anderson: “The Obama administration is taking consequences out of our nation.”
She says, “If you go make a bad business decision and you lose your shirt, you just go to the government and get some money.”

I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten. Which administration pushed for nearly a trillion dollars for Wall Street, with neither accountability nor transparency?

Cindy Hill is an assistant principal of a junior high school. She is afraid the Obama administration will dismantle No Child Left Behind and worries that his administration will leave behind huge debt for her son’s generation.
“He’s only 20 years old — and the decisions being made right now, the deficit and how were approaching solving problems — are going to impact his generation significantly.” she says.

Again, the memory failure: Which administration broke the national debt clock and turned a >$200,000,000,000 budget surplus into a nearly $400,000,000,000 deficit?

Yes, I know that Bush didn’t have an easy time of things after 9/11 and the economic downturn that followed. It’s completely not his responsibility to control spending. And Obama has suggested a budget deficit three times that size as we work our way out of the current mess. So what do we do now? I know! Let’s make ludicrous statements that have no basis in reality!

  • Obama’s gonna take away our religion, and make everyone be a Muslin, like he secretly is!
  • He’s going to force abortions on every U.S. citizen. He’ll institute forced mating just so that he can have third-trimester abortions to feed is never ending hunger for human fetuses!
  • He will take away our right to have guns, and then knives, and pretty soon we’ll have to eat with chopsticks like the Chinese Communists!
  • He’s going to destroy the free market by having the government take over control of every business, starting with Wall Street and the Auto Companies. The private sector will vanish, and everyone will be enslaved by the government.
  • He’ll destroy our existing and perfect system of health care by allowing insurance coverage people who can’t afford insurance on their own. Doesn’t he know that those people have no right to healthcare?
  • He’ll force children to engage in interspecies homosexual acts, starting as soon as they can walk. Heterosexual intercourse will only be allowed at the forced-mating farms that provide Lord Obama with aborted fetuses.
  • Our education system will crumble because he’ll talk about No Child Left Behind, which has made our schools the best in the world.
  • Our precious coal farms will close down by mid-February, and we will only be allowed to get electricity from non-polluting sources like wind, gay sex, and fetus cremation.
  • White people will be forced to relinquish their previously unquestioned dominion over the world, and will never be allowed to hold leadership positions again.
  • He’ll let other countries tell America what to do and will negotiate with terrorist nations like France, which has never ever done anything of value.
  • Our military presence in Iraq will be reduced or eliminated, resulting immediately in hundreds of thousands of terrorist attacks on American soil as Saddam Hussein rises from the bowels of hell to wreak havoc on the civilized world.

What else? What are your predictions for how Obama will initiate the Apocalypse?


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