Posted by: brian | January 22, 2009

That seems a bit draconian

Did you poison milk and kill some kids? Death to you! If you have external genitalia! Life in prison, if your gonads are stored internally! At least, that’s how they do things in China. Remember a few months ago, before Barack Obama (i.e., The Second Coming of Jesus) took over the news media? Remember that kerfuffle involving melamine-enriched milk? In China? Two men have been sentenced to death for their roles in the affair, and a woman got free room & board for life.

I understand the prison sentence. This was a pretty heinous act intended to elevate the protein levels and the price they could get. Yes, 300,000 kids (or more) got sick, & at least 6 died. But execution? What? I understand the anger felt by the parents & grandparents of the dead children. Well, maybe I don’t quite, but I understand why they’re angry, and why they feel that execution is an appropriate response. A life for a life, right? But haven’t we as a species evolved beyond that simplistic attitude? Oh, wait – never mind. I just remembered the whole Middle East.


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