Posted by: brian | January 22, 2009

You can retire when you’re dead (UPDATE!)

Chris Farrel writes about why retirement (especially early retirement) is not an option for most people. It’s more than just one or two things, and more than just the recent economic implosion – although those didn’t help.

The comedian George Burns used to get a laugh saying, “Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.” It’s no longer a joke. Many aging workers simply can’t save enough to create a solid foundation of savings that will maintain their standard of living in retirement.

As always, don’t forget to avoid the comments on the article. They provide nothing of substance and are mostly people saying “Barack Obama is going to take all the money from hard working white folk and give it to the mud races so they can spend it on lift kits and cocaine!” and “Those who suffered from the economic collapse have only themselves to blame, and I am perfect and will live like a Saudi prince when I retire at the ripe old age of 8.”

UPDATE: Apparently, censorship lives. I tried posting the above comments on the story, and they were removed. Jerks.
UPDATE: Okay, I tried it again, but this time instead of a pretend email address, I used a real one. This time the comment stayed put. Either the email address was the difference, or they realized that deleting the original was stupid. Yay for whatever!


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