Posted by: brian | January 23, 2009

Impressed by Amazon’s customer service

As a Christmas gift to myself, I decided to order a new winter coat. I found a pretty good deal on a London Fog wool-cashmere blend car coat on Amazon. It’s a great coat – I love it. But when I first tried it on, I noticed a small stain. Is it food? Some kind of adhesive? I don’t know for sure. It’s not in a prominent place, and it’s the kind of thing that will come out if I take the coat in to the dry cleaner. But why should I have to clean a brand new coat? I didn’t want to return it – it was among the last in stock, and I’d like to keep it. What to do?

The in-laws suggested contacting Amazon & asking for a refund. I’m the type of person who doesn’t necessarily put that much effort into things, but I took a picture of the stain & wrote to Amazon customer service saying that I loved the coat, and could have it cleaned, but would appreciate a partial refund to offset the cost of cleaning. Their response was quick (about 3 hours) and definitive: They apologized for the stain, but were glad that I was otherwise happy with the coat, and offered me a 20% refund. Not a “store credit” that I could hold onto for my next order, but a refund.

Thanks Amazon! You guys rock!


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