Posted by: brian | January 29, 2009

Why do creationists hate America?

PZ Myers writes:

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio sent out a suggestion to various towns to declare 12 February Darwin Day, in honor of the man and his science. Nice gesture, I think; it’s a small token of appreciation that doesn’t cost anyone anything. The city of Whitehall went for it, but then something odd happened — people complained.

You see where this is going.

Among the objections: People are afraid that their children will learn about science, and concerned about playing favorites.

“The whole idea of this was to recognize the events,” she said at a council meeting yesterday. “I thought it was a great opportunity to show that we value science, we value inquiry and we encourage our students to open up to the world.”

A few council members replied with shouts of “Not my children!”

My reaction to this is a gape-mouthed stare.

“Is it fair to the hundreds if not thousands of other scientists to not name them?” Councilman Jim Graham asked.

I don’t know. Is it fair to all the civil rights activists that we have a day for Martin Luther King, Jr., but not for Rosa Parks or Malcolm X?

But my favorite comes from religious wingnuts who think that the world should conform to their beliefs, reality be damned. Apparently, wanting to celebrate a day like this is akin to “deitizing” the person being honored, and even though it isn’t, we still cannot allow it, because creationists have the right to say and do what they want, and we mustn’t infringe on their rights to make other people do what they say.

Ray Comfort, creationst dildo extraordinaire, offers this opinion:

“They’re trying to deitize Darwin,” he said. “This is the atheist Christmas.

“It’s a God-given right to be an atheist, but they need to lighten up and let us talk about creationism, too.”

There are at least three pretty significant problems with this claim.

First, there’s the issue of deifying Darwin. Does this imply that every person or thing that is celebrated with a day named in its honor has been deified? Martin Luther King? Mothers? Fathers? Grandparents? Veterans? Thanksgiving? Columbus? Flag? Presidents? Arbor? Groundhog? New Years? All Saints? Valentines? 

Second, why would atheists deify anyone or anything?

Third, where did it say in the original article that this was an atheist thing to begin with? Yes, it was originated by a humanist organization, but not as an anti-religious movement. Rather, it was intended to celebrate the contributions the Darwin made to our understanding of biology.

Fourth, even if it WERE a deification, our nation was founded on many principles, including the one about citizens being free to practice the religion of their choice without interference from the government. Apparently the creationists haven’t gotten that memo. Which is weird, because it’s been around for over 200 years.


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