Posted by: brian | January 30, 2009

Blessings from Jeebus join six siblings

The California woman who gave birth to 8 mewling new mouths to feed is a repeat offender. She already has SIX children.





She wanted to keep her identity private, but it looks like HER OWN MOTHER had other plans.

The Los Angeles Times later carried an interview with a woman identified as the babies’ grandmother, who said her daughter already has six young children and never expected fertility treatment she had received would result in eight more babies.

So you have six, and you want another … one? two? three? So you take some hormones, and BAM! My question is this: why would someone with six children feel a need to have more? I mean, besides being irresponsible, it doesn’t even seem desirable. This maybe ought to be a diagnosable psychiatric condition.



  1. Normal in Philippines. DISGUSTING really. I don’t mean the mothers only.

  2. Good point. It’s clearly not a case where just the mother wanted these kids. On the other hand, the father is working as a contractor in Iraq, & won’t be around to help care for the kids, at least for the short term. It seems a bit odd on the face of it, but jobs are tough to come by right now, so it makes sense that he’d work wherever he could. Plus, he’s probably being paid pretty well.

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