Posted by: brian | February 15, 2009


One reason I hate contemporary suburbs is that they demonstrate so little consideration for pedestrians. Everything is designed around cars. At our apartment complex, I park in a lot outside one of the entrances. To get to the door, I have to walk uphill through snow (in winter), or make a wide circuit following the pavement. It’s not that I’m anti-walking – uphill or not. But it’s a damn pain in the ass that they don’t have any sort of defined pedestrian circulation. This is one reason (of many) that I’d like to see the principles of New Urbanism brought more fully into suburban design. I’m very keen on pedestrian-oriented design, and would love it if I could get rid of my car eventually. The downside is that it’s not feasible to demolish everything that exists now and rebuild from scratch. It would’ve been so much better if we could have done things right the first time.


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