Posted by: brian | February 16, 2009

I bought a Microsoft brand mouse!

WTG was I thinking?

I was thinking, they make decent mice, and I’m a little bit stupid, and the price is right for what I’m looking for. Namely, a decent sized mouse that doesn’t give me carpal tunnel just from looking at it. All of the laptop-oriented mice are too small for my hands, and so I saw one that was nicer sized, and it was wireless, so hey! Let’s buy that!


Apparently, if you want a mouse that doesn’t suck in terms of size, for your laptop, you have to buy TWO mice. One that’s actually a mouse, and the other mouse-sized object for receiving and transmitting the signal. A small USB-drive-sized stick is not suitable for this purpose; if you think otherwise, you’ve got a screw or two loose, methinks. This second device is attached to a long USB cable, because you want to place it far away from your laptop, and you enjoy having to take up lots of extra desk space with it. Also, don’t forget to install the mouse software, because plug-n-play is SO 2002. And here, let’s have clippy walk you through the process of registering your mouse with the Overmind!

Fucking douchewads (them). Fucking idiot (me).

I should add that the mouse itself is very nice. Why is it so hard to get a product that does what I want? Why must I always settle for tradeoffs? What is WRONG with this world?!


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