Posted by: brian | February 25, 2009

Only in dreams

I had a dream last night that Grim was alive again. Not still, but again, as in back from the dead. He wasn’t a zombie and he didn’t try to kill anyone, he was just back, same as he always was. In the dream, I knew that he wouldn’t be around forever, and I made extra sure to relish every moment that he was back with us. Waking up was bittersweet.



  1. This happened to me after we had to put down the dog that my family had when I was growing up. I had picked her out when she was a puppy and I was pretty attached. She came back to visit me one night and I knew she wouldn’t be there long. My dad, who was the dog’s other favorite person, also had the same dream that night. It sounds somewhat stupid and pretty far out there, but I honestly believe that she came to say goodbye to me and thank me for loving her for 12 years. I still cry a little when I think about it.

  2. I like the idea that he came back to say goodbye. Even though my rational mind says it’s silly to believe that, I’m going to anyway.

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