Posted by: brian | March 11, 2009

“Why Rush is Wrong”

Newsweek contains a brilliant piece by conservative David Frum. His argument is perhaps best summed up by this bit near the end, where he discusses email he gets from Rush’s followers:

Most of these e-mails say some version of the same thing: if you don’t agree with Rush, quit calling yourself a conservative and get out of the Republican Party. There’s the perfect culmination of the outlook Rush Limbaugh has taught his fans and followers: we want to transform the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan into a party of unanimous dittoheads—and we don’t care how much the party has to shrink to do it. That’s not the language of politics. It’s the language of a cult.



  1. Limbaugh is not the future of the Republican Party if we assume he’s being perfectly honest. He’s disenfranchising and alienating a very large portion of them after all.
    Of course this begs a serious question: If he’s not being honest about what he believes in then is he trying to win a popular majority over?
    If so then his tactics are faulty.

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