Posted by: brian | April 7, 2009

Nudity illegal in North Carolina

Brunswick County (N.C.) officials are pointing out that nude sunbathing is illegal in North Carolina after a local physician complained about seeing nude sunbathers at Bird Island. Bird Island has been used by nude sunbathers for years, and falls under two jurisdictions: part of the island is in South Carolina. I don’t know what the law is in South Carolina. If it’s different, it would be easy enough to walk go to the other side of the island. I wonder if they’ll need a fence to avoid offending people on the North Carolina side? It’s frustrating, but then again, Minnesota doesn’t have any legal nude beaches either.

What bugs me here is that both of the articles linked above use the term flaunting in their descriptions of nudism. This term is intended to lead readers to the conclusion that nudists are exhibitionists and/or voyeurs.

I wish people would pay attention and realize that naturism is not about being seen nude, nor about seeing others nude. It is about being nude, without pride and without shame, but with simple acceptance. Why, why WHY do people insist on not understanding this fact?!



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