Posted by: brian | April 9, 2009

Is that a shirt, or did a box of clowns explode on your torso?

Today at work we have a “new” person. Well, new to me. She was on some kind of leave or other, or something. I don’t know what.

She’s got big hair, and (I think) big acrylic nails, and big glasses, and she asks too many questions and talks too much. She can’t think a thought without saying it, it seems. I’ll call her Gloria.

She has this shirt that looks like she dropped a box of finger paints on it before putting it on. And that voice. If I wanted her life story, I’d ask where she grew up. Instead of asking, I’m going to assume she’s from the Northeast.

First thing she asks me: “Do you have any animals?” Like an idiot, I didn’t just say “No” so that the conversation would end. Luckily, I had to go do some tapes stuff before I learned more than that she has two cats. (Only two? I picture you as more of a 20-cat lady.)

Then there’s the laughing. She laughs audibly while perusing the internet, and then has to tell everyone about what she read.

This should be fun.


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