Posted by: brian | April 16, 2009

Cat lady

Crazy cat-lady coworker is looking at pictures of puppies, or something, and constantly saying “awwwww” and “oh, what a cutie.” Then she asks me, again, “Do you have any pets? blah blah blah.” And since I’ve already told her I do, I figure I’d better stick to the story, and soon enough, she remembers. Then: “What’s your cat’s name? I have two cats. Two female cats. I call them FAPs – Feline American Princesses. [laughs] They’re definitely FAPs. One of them is so demanding. I have to brush her every morning…” and I stopped paying attention, then “Is your cat a female cat?”

OMDog. Now she’s playing farting noises on her computer… No, I am seriously not making this up. She laughs, sighs, and says, “My cousin Michael is just gross at times.”



  1. hi! 🙂 you posted on my blog…are you a nudist? i guess i didn’t think about it being a set of ideas…just a state of dress. thanks for setting me straight. 🙂

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